Making your house look fantastic for open homes

Top Tips for Buyers

Top Tips For Sellers:

Tips on making your house look fantastic


First impressions

Your agent should be able to give you plenty of advice when it comes to presenting your home for sale, they view property every day and know what will attract and deter buyers.
Try not to be offended if you’re told to remove an item of furniture, de-clutter, paint a room a different colour or fix up your garden, the agent is only looking after your best interests.
Tidy doesn’t really cut it, your property will need to be sparkling so remember to thoroughly clean bathrooms and kitchens to perfection, dust shelves, remove cobwebs and any pet odours.
Don’t overdo the scented candles though as potential buyers may wonder what you are trying to hide.
Buyers have even been known to open kitchen drawers, cupboards and bedroom wardrobes, so don’t just hide things. Maybe consider hiring a self storage space during the sale process to store any items you want to remove from your home.
Remember that a tidy, clean and organized home will tell the potential buyer that you have been equally organized and thorough with the maintenance of the property itself.
Think about curbside appeal as potential buyers will often do drive-bys outside open house times. Think about what your house looks like from the street. Could you paint your fence, trim your hedges, cut your lawn and even add some extra colour by planting some inexpensive potted plants.

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