Sell Your Auckland Home – Checklist

Sell Your Auckland HomeLooking to Sell Your Auckland Home?

Here is a Checklist which you will find very useful when you go to sell your Auckland home.

Make an Entrance – Front Yard

  • Add interest to your doorway with potted plants.
  • Pave a pathway to your front door.
  • Spruce up your front door with a coat of paint.
  • Consider improving privacy by adding a low wall at the front of your house.
  • If your hallway is narrow and dark, paint it a light colour and add a broad floor runner to make it seem wider.
  • Invest in a new front door mat.

Living Style – Lounge Room

  • Use neutral colours in your living space.
  • Use receding colours like blues and greens to make a small space seem larger.
  • Find a focus in your room. If you don’t have a natural focus, add a feature wall.
  • Ensure your carpets are cleaned and marked or damaged timber floors are re-sanded and polished.
  • Layout your living area to show how you live there.

The Room That Sells – Kitchen

  • Fix the floor by lifting old lino and replacing it with new lino, polished floorboards or tiles.
  • If your bench-tops are scratched or stained, replace them with new laminate bench-tops – it is not that expensive!
  • New cupboard and drawer handles will add life to an old kitchen.
  • A fresh coat of paint will cover cooking splatters and add life to a drab kitchen.
  • Kitchen clutter must be cleared.

Soak Up a Sale – Bathroom

  • Your bathroom must be spotless and tiles clean.
  • Fix or replace cracked basins, toilets or tubs.
  • Air your bathroom before inspections – bad smells are a buyer turn off!
  • Add a little luxury with plump towels, handmade soaps, a plant or flowers and some boutique bath products.
  • If your bathroom is small maximise space by putting the towel rail behind the door.

Sleeping In Style – Bedroom

  • Reduce the amount of furniture in small bedrooms to give the impression of space.
  • Storage is important – consider adding built-in wardrobes.
  • Add a little luxury with fresh linen, puffed pillows and extra cushions.
  • Dimmer switches create atmosphere in a bedroom.
  • De-personalise your bedroom but add little touches like candles and perfume bottles.

Step Outside – Backyard

  • Trim your lawns and weed your garden beds.
  • Define your garden bed borders.
  • Add a focal point.
  • Give the illusion of space in a courtyard by using large pavers.
  • Introduce colour with pots of whatever is in flower.

Finishing Touches

  • Ensure all areas have been dusted, vacuumed and place new light bulbs in all rooms.
  • Add colour to neutral rooms through accessories.
  • Keep window treatments simple.
  • Disguise small window by hanging curtains from the top of the wall rather than the top of the window.
  • Add elegance by extending your curtain drop so it pillows on the floor.
  • Don’t go overboard with patterned accessories as they create a cluttered feeling.

Follow this Checklist when you sell your Auckland home and it will certainly help you get a premium price for your property. If you would like further tips and advice on how to sell your Auckland home please call or email me.