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Common Mistakes

1. Forgetting pre-qualification A common mistake made by homebuyers is not taking the time to get pre-approved by a bank a mortgage broker. This can result in countless hours spent searching for homes out of your price range, or worse, purchasing a home only to find you don’t qualify for financing.Take the time to get […]

Healthy Homes Standards

The healthy homes standards introduce specific and minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties. The healthy homes standards became law on 1 July 2019. Landlords and tenants should both understand the dates for complying with the healthy homes standards. Go to the Government Website Here

COVID-19 update

I have information for buying and selling property during the COVID-19 lockdown If you’re in the middle of a real estate transaction, it’s likely to be affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. This page explains what you might need to do depending on which stage of the transaction you’re at. I’ll update this page when there […]

House for Sale – Simple Yet Effective Home Staging Tips

Before you put your house on the market, you have to set the stage. The way you prepare and present your home for sale can impact its perceived value to potential buyers. You don’t have to make drastic changes or updates to your home – small details often make the difference in getting the sale […]

Thinking about your finances when buying

            Saving a bank deposit and taking out a home loan (mortgage) are the first steps towards purchasing a home for most of us. Summary of important things to know A home loan is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make. It’s important to investigate and […]

Buying A Home

Thinking about your goals The home buying process can be exciting, especially if this is your first home. Before you start, take time to think and talk about how buying a property fits into your future plans. Summary of important things to know Think carefully about your long-term goals and how you will get there. […]

A Global Audience for your Property

Our unique partnerships with domestic and international property websites brings a global audience when you list your property with LJ Hooker. LJ Hooker 88 years | 730 Offices | 8000 people | 8 Countries Established in 1928, LJ Hooker has grown to become one of the largest residential and commercial sales and property management organisations […]

How to best buy in 2021

Welcome to the New Year. As we travel through 2021, Aidan Hill can advise you on what questions to ask, as well as answering any about your next property move. Finding your next home efficiently and painlessly can simply be a case of asking the right questions and asking the right agent. It is our […]

Preparing for Winter

If you are thinking of selling your home in the next few months …or just want to keep it looking good during the winter – it is important to attend to routine maintenance. Here’s a to-do list. Tend to the landscaping: Clear away leaves and debris. Prune overgrown shrubs and trim any tree branches that […]

Tips for Renting Property

For many people, renting property is their first real estate experience after moving from home, the first step along the road to acquiring property. Renting gives you the time you need to save the deposit for your first home and to get a feel of where you want to live. It is also an ideal […]

Tips on your next move

Be prepared on settlement day If circumstances permit, it is advisable to move out a few days prior to settlement. This will allow plenty of time to arrange a cleaner and transfer of amenities to your new address. Be sure to book a removalist well in advance. It is also advisable to request a number […]

Tips for Renters: Before you rent, first time tenants

Before you rent: First time tenants I have never rented before. What are some of the reference documents I will have to supply the owner or agent with? This can seem like a bit of a “Catch 22” – you have not rented before, so you cannot provide a rental history, so you cannot rent, […]

Tips on communicating with your agent

Your responsibility as the seller It is in your best interests to reveal to your agent your real motivation for selling. This can help them work tactically with buyers, particularly if an urgent sale is required. It also allows the agent to be sensitive to your needs. Not everybody is selling because they want to. […]

Tips On Your Next Move

Be prepared on settlement day If circumstances permit, it is advisable to move out a few days prior to settlement. This will allow plenty of time to arrange a cleaner and transfer of amenities to your new address. Be sure to book a removalist well in advance. It is also advisable to request a number […]

Tips on Agent Commission

Why is commission paid? Commission is the agent’s reward for a successful result, no sale for you means no commission paid to the agent. The agent’s risk when taking on your property is investing a large amount of their time, effort and money with no compensation if a sale isn’t achieved. It is the downside […]

Marketing Your House

Tips on marketing your house for results How to take a professional approach   Marketing is a considerable expense, however it is important to get it right from the start. It is best to work out a detailed plan with your agent that focuses on a concentrated marketing campaign. This means using various types of […]

Top Tips For Sellers: Selling by Auction

Selling by auction has many advantages.  An auction by nature creates urgency as there is a definitive time in which the buyer must act or they risk losing their opportunity to buy the property. Setting an auction date, groups all interested buyers together at the one time, creating a competitive environment and the greatest chance […]

Making your house look fantastic for open homes

Top Tips For Sellers: Tips on making your house look fantastic   First impressions Your agent should be able to give you plenty of advice when it comes to presenting your home for sale, they view property every day and know what will attract and deter buyers. Try not to be offended if you’re told […]

How to make the most of your time at an ‘open for inspection’

Getting organized prior to the inspection Most of us have busy work, family and social schedules, which doesn’t leave much time for house hunting. On top of this, buyers are often faced with restricted property viewing times and crowded “open houses”, which can make it even harder to get a feel for the property and […]

Top Tips For Buyers: How to get Agents, to find your dream property

Communicating with agents   So what Top Tips for Buyers do I have? Well don’t be shy to tell an agent what you’re looking for. Once they are familiar with who you are and your search criteria, they will keep you updated as soon as new listings hit the market. This puts you in a […]

Top Tips For Buyers: How to Buy at Auction

Preparation prior to auction day Speak to the real estate agent who is looking after the sale of the property you wish to buy. Tell them you will be attending the auction and ask them to advise you of the relevant legislative and financial requirements. Obtain a copy of the contract of sale prior to […]

Auckland Property News

Auckland Property News: Real estate prices in New Zealand can only go one way with building prices doubling in the past 10 years.  Real estate will continue to be a great investment long term. Shortage of homes in Auckland is something that can’t be fixed overnight – it will take years, with the complex process […]

Free Auckland Property iPhone App – GO LJHooker!

Free Auckland Property iPhone App: We know how much you value your time and your mobility so wherever you are, whenever you want, you can browse for the latest property details from your mobile phone with the GO LJHooker iPhone App. Whether you are wanting to buy or rent, GO LJHooker iPhone App makes searching […]

Choosing A Method Of Sale for Your Auckland Property

Choosing a method of sale – RE/MAX as your exclusive agent An exclusive agency agreement with RE/MAX is the most successful type of agreement as it means we are 100% accountable to you — we are focused on and committed to you and your property sale within a fixed time frame. At RE/MAX we ensure […]

Questions On How to Sell Your Auckland Property?

Choosing the right agent to Sell Your Auckland Property How do I choose an agent to sell my Auckland property? There are lots of things to consider when selecting your agent: •    Can they display their local knowledge of your area? •    Do they have the right attitude? •    Do they listen to your concerns […]

Questions About Buying Auckland Property?

What kind of Auckland property is better to buy? Buying an older home or a new one? This is a difficult question to answer in general terms, but there are a few points to consider: While certainly not always the case, older homes tend to be situated in established neighbourhoods, which means they often have […]

Why choose RE/MAX Real Estate?

Why choose Re/MAX Real Estate? The answer is simple. The Strength of the Brand, the Power of the Network, the Skills of the Team and the Quality of the Service. RE/MAX is one of the world’s best known, most trusted real estate companies, and RE/MAX is one of the most visited agent websites*. If you’re […]

Royal Oak Primary Food Festival

  Support the Royal Oak Primary School Food Festival on Saturday 31st March 2012, starts at 11″30am.