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Location Description

The community of Onehunga surrounds the well known Onehunga Mall, which is the main shopping (retail) thoroughfare, running in the north from Cornwall Park to the Port of Onehunga in the south. It borders on Royal Oak. Geographically it lies to the southern side of One Tree Hill and is one of the older towns of the central Auckland region. Onehunga real estate is full of character homes, some dating back to the mid 1800’s. The village was originally established to serve the coastal trading port of Onehunga, which still exists today for commercial usage. Many of the more significant homes on the western side of Onehunga were built for sea captains and harbour masters and many of the roads, such as Forbes Street, were named after these captains. Historically, Onehunga was home to a number of Fencible Soldiers. They were encouraged to settle in Onehunga, part of their remuneration for service, which included a modest cottage and a plot of land, many of which are still eminent today.

The area is also home to a residence previously inhabited by Governor Grey, which is situated in Symond Street and is a landmark for the local community. Within the confines of Jellicoe Park there are two historic buildings on display, which signify the character of this area. The town is predominantly made up of strip shopping offering a variety of retail, services and eating options. Most of the major national banks are represented here. A recent development in the area is the Dress-Smart complex. This houses 40 plus designer shops such as Nike, Workshop, Adidas, Max to name a few and is located immediately to the east of the strip shopping and is proving to very popular and is well worth a visit. It is open daily from 10am to 4pm. Onehunga business community services the surrounding residential areas of Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Mangere Bridge and Hillsborough.

The residential neighbourhoods surrounding Onehunga are popular for families that require ease of access to the City and South Auckland, especially for popular for airport staff and those that use the airport frequently. The area’s popularity is also helped by the local community, which many have found to be very easy to settle into and to meet new friends and neighbours. The biggest asset that this community boasts is the one of the finest recreation areas in Auckland on its doorstep – “Cornwall Park” & “One Tree Hill Domain”, making Onehunga Real Estate always in demand.

Onehunga Real Estate

Visitors Centre

Onehunga has no visitor centre of its own. Auckland Visitor Centres are located at the Force Entertainment Centre, Queen Street, and Viaduct Harbour. Both share the Infoline (09) 979 2333.


Dolphin Theatre
(09) 636 7322
Cafes include:
Brick by Brick
(09) 622 2860

Bars include:
The Bramble
(09) 636 5635
The Good Home – Onehunga
(09) 636 7292


Onehunga Library
(09) 636 7056
Onehunga Community Centre
(09) 636 9900
Onehunga Senior Citizens Service Club
(09) 636 8757
Onehunga Workingmen’s Club
(09) 636 6541
Accident and Medical Centre
(09) 634 5184
Onehunga Family Medical Centre
(09) 636 6267

Primary Schools

The primary school in Onehunga is Onehunga Primary School.
(09) 636 6256

Secondary Schools

The secondary school in Onehunga is Onehunga High School.
(09) 636 6006

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