Questions On How to Sell Your Auckland Property?

Choosing the right agent to Sell Your Auckland Property

How do I choose an agent to sell my Auckland property?

There are lots of things to consider when selecting your agent:
•    Can they display their local knowledge of your area?
•    Do they have the right attitude?
•    Do they listen to your concerns and answer your questions?
•    Can they detail exactly how they will approach selling your Auckland property?
•    Will they clearly outline the activities and marketing they will undertake and offer a guarantee of service?
•    Will they be honest and act in your best interests?
•    Do they have any comparable previous sales they can show?
•    Did they offer proof of a database of buyers ready to market your property to?

Discuss your requirements with Aidan Hill, an LJ Hooker agent in your area, who can provide you with the benefit of his local knowledge and experience, while offering honest advice and a proven plan to sell your property for the best price possible.

In New Zealand all real estate agents have to be licensed in accordance with local legislation. The legislation also regulates such matters as trust accounting, continual education of licensees and those engaged in the business of selling, managing property and renting. In some areas this legislation also prescribes the form of agency agreement or contract to be used.

You should check the licence details of all agents you are thinking of using before signing up with your preferred choice.

What happens if my listing is transferred to another person in that office who I am not comfortable in dealing with?

Please call the owner or licensee of the business and express your concerns. If the specific salesperson you choose is no longer working at the business simply ask the owner or licensee to allocate another salesperson who possesses the traits you are most comfortable with.

Do I need to pay a commission if I sell my Auckland property myself?

The answer depends entirely on the agency agreement you signed. Depending on what is in the agreement, you may or may not have to pay the agent even if you sell the property yourself. We suggest you ask the agent or, if you prefer, take your copy of the agreement to your solicitor or conveyancer.

In many instances, you will still need to pay the commission even if you sold the property yourself. This protects both you and the agent. Often, it is most likely that the promotional activities undertaken by the agent exposed the buyer to the property on the market, and this protects you as the owner from having bargain hunters approaching or pressuring you to sell directly to them for a lesser value and less agent’s fees, or to determine at which price you would sell.

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