Marketing Your House

Advertising Your Property For SaleTips on marketing your house for results

How to take a professional approach


Marketing is a considerable expense, however it is important to get it right from the start. It is best to work out a detailed plan with your agent that focuses on a concentrated marketing campaign. This means using various types of media at the one time to reach the greatest number of buyers. For example multiple internet sites, signboard, print advertisements and a letter box drop. I only use professional quality material and always only colour.  Nothing worse than a Black & White flyer!
Your agent will prepare a plan to market your property. They will suggest professional photography and text. Attractive photos and words undoubtedly give you a greater chance of generating buyer attention. Again I only use professional photography on all my properties regardless of the type of property.
Photographers will need to prepare your property before the photo shoot. Help them by out by keeping rooms tidy and uncluttered, remove photo frames and any other unnecessary objects. Fresh flowers always look fantastic and if you have a garden, ensure it is pristine as this is likely to be one of the main selling features.

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