Tips for Renting Property

Tips for Renting PropertyFor many people, renting property is their first real estate experience after moving from home, the first step along the road to acquiring property. Renting gives you the time you need to save the deposit for your first home and to get a feel of where you want to live. It is also an ideal time to build a relationship with your local agent regarding help in buying and financing your first property.

Finding a rental property

• Decide where you’d like to live
• Drive around or walk the area to be sure
• Decide on how much rent you can afford
• Don’t forget other costs like water rates and electricity
• Get to the paper early to plan your visits and calls to agents
• Check if pets are allowed
• Check connections such as phone and cable
• Check access to public transport
Tenant entitlements

• Check details of the lease such as who pays water rates
• Check landlords obligation to make essential repairs regarding plumbing, electricity, water heater, etc
• Check Department of Fair Trading web sites for helpful information
• Make sure your bond is lodged with the appropriate rental bond board and you have a receipt
Tenants obligations

• You will be required to sign a lease
• Alert the agent in writing of any prior damage to the property before moving in so you will not be held liable
• Pay a rental bond
• Pay the rent on time
• Pay for any agreed outgoings such as water usage
• Keep the property in good order
• Provide access to the managing agent for agreed property inspections
• Conform to local council regulations such as noise, garbage collection, etc
What to do if there is a problem

• Contact your property manager immediately
• Make sure you have all emergency numbers handy for repairs and assistance
• Know your neighbours as you may need their help

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