Tips on communicating with your agent

Your responsibility as the seller

  • It is in your best interests to reveal to your agent your real motivation for selling. This can help them work tactically with buyers, particularly if an urgent sale is required. It also allows the agent to be sensitive to your needs. Not everybody is selling because they want to. Often a change in family circumstances or financial hardship may mean you are forced to sell your beloved home. You will appreciate an agent who is able to empathise with your situation.
  • You and your agent are on the same team, it’s about working together not against each other. So don’t be afraid to give feedback to the agent if something is bothering you or if you feel their service is letting you down. It is better to speak up in the beginning to avoid the situation escalating.
  • Saying what you really think can avoid wasting time and a faster, more direct outcome is likely. This is particularly relevant when it comes to pricing. Be honest with your agent from the outset; if you know you aren’t going to sell below a certain figure then make sure your agent is aware of this.

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